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Our Philanthropies

Giving Back to our Community

Gowan Group is headquartered in Yuma, AZ, a vibrant agricultural municipality located in the Southwest corner of Arizona. The Jessen family and the Gowan Tribe believe in the importance of giving back to our local community and our industry and to the organizations that endeavor to improve them.

Helping to fund and support education for children and young adults is a passionate pursuit of Gowan's founders, Jon and Liney Jessen. In 2008 the Gowan Achievement Program (GAP) began as a partnership with Gowan Company and the Crane School District in Yuma in an effort to raise the level of education in the community and better prepare kids for college and their professional training. The majority of GAP students have advanced to college, many to highly selective universities. In 2013 Gowan Company also gave the founding money for the opening of Gowan Science Academy (GSA) because having access to chemists, agronomists, biologists, engineers, and other STEM-based professionals is essential for Gowan's growth and prosperity, as well as to that of the community. With the inception of GSA, the Jessens aspired to help students achieve meaningful goals and to foster local talent to join Gowan in the future. Gowan also provides generous support to various colleges and universities.

In addition to the multitude of local philanthropies that give back to the community, Gowan also supports a number of scientific, agricultural, and political organizations that help fund research and agricultural advocacy. The Jessens are also great supporters of the local arts, with the Caroline Lott Jessen Trust being a large donor to the Yuma Fine Arts Association and the Children's Museum. 

Jon and Liney believe strongly that giving and volunteering to people or causes in need is a basic social responsibility. Their donation and support to various causes has not gone unnoticed. In recent years, the Yuma Sun newspaper awarded Jon and Liney the 'Citizens of the Year' Award for their involvement in the community and for their generous contributions. At Gowan, we are proud to be part of such a great community and to be a critical part of the agriculture industry and we gladly support the organizations that contribute to their growth and prosperity.