Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 10, 2020 - On October 30, 2020 Health Canada announced completion of the re‑evaluation of phosmet. Phosmet is the active ingredient found in Imidan®, an important insecticide tool for many crops including orchard fruit, blueberries and carrots. 

It was determined that continued registration of products containing phosmet for most uses meets current standards and found acceptable with additional risk mitigation measures. Full details on the re‑evaluation decision changes can be found at: 


Gowan Canada has until October 30, 2022 to amend existing labels for Imidan with all required revisions regarding mitigation measures and changes to use patterns. More communication on implementation of label changes will be occurring at time of new label approvals. 


In the interim, growers are able to continue to use Imidan according to current label directions for use. Always follow label guidelines for use directions. 


For any questions onre-evaluation and label updates for Imidan, please contact Gowan at


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