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Now is the Time to Start

Your Wild Oat Strategy with Fortress MicroActiv


Now is the Time to Start Your Wild Oat Stragey - Fortress MicroActiv 

There are few guarantees in life, but unfortunately, one constant is the presence of wild oats in a Canadian growing season. Wild oat is one of, if not the most dominant annual weed in the Prairies today and shows no signs of giving up the title. Wild oat is adaptive to most growing conditions thrown its way. It can emerge from various depths, germinate over wide ranges in temperature, and buries into the soil, improving germination chances. Unfortunately, 60% of wild oats across the prairies display herbicide resistance to Group 1 and/or 2 modes of action, so proper planning is essential. 

One way is to plan to apply herbicides with activity on wild oats but have different modes of action. For example, Fortress MicroActv combines two groups with wild oat activity, Group 15 and Group 3. Applying Fortress in the fall or spring as the 1st step in a herbicide layering program offers the benefits of early weed removal, reducing selection pressure of in-crop herbicides and supporting a higher crop yield potential. 




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