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Edge® MicroActiv® herbicide is a powerful tool for weed control in canola, lentils and other broadleaf crops. Edge MicroActiv contains the active ingredient ethalfluralin, a group 3 mode of action herbicide that controls weeds (such as kochia), which are resistant to other herbicides. Edge MicroActiv is broad-spectrum, controlling many important weeds plaguing growers in Western and Eastern Canada.


Herbicide layering is a recommended way to use multiple modes of action to help manage herbicide resistance. Use Edge® MicroActiv® to control kochia and Group 1 and Group 2 resistant wild oats.


Get your Edge® MicroActiv® on as soon as you can. Spring and fall are both options, but we recommend applying at the first available opportunity to make sure it gets done.

For growers using conventional tillage tools like tandem discs, cultivators, vertical tillage tools, diamond harrows or other aggressive type tillage tools, start applying after September 1st.

For growers using minimum tillage tools like heavy harrows, start applying after October 1st.

For spring application, apply a minimum of 10 days before seeding.


Canola, field peas, lentils, faba beans, yellow mustard, dry edible beans, sunflowers, alfalfa (establishment), soybeans, chickpeas, dry common beans, industrial hemp and other specialty crops.


Controlled: kochia, wild buckwheat, redroot pigweed, lamb’s-quarters, cow cockle, barnyard grass, green foxtail, yellow foxtail, and many more

Suppressed: wild oats, cleavers, hemp-nettle, lady’s-thumb, Russian thistle, volunteer barley, volunteer wheat


 Ethalfluralin — Group 3 


10% MicroActiv® clay available in 454 KG bags 


Western Canada

 Eastern Canada


Apply Edge® MicroActiv® with a floater, a Valmar® applicator, or another air-flo type applicator to ensure proper coverage of soil. Your local dealer may have a floater or rental equipment so check with them. Valmar® has many product options, but one of the best is to mount a Valmar box directly onto your harrow bar for one-pass application and incorporation.

Labeled Crops
  • Alfalfa (establishment) (Western Canada only)
  • Caraway (Western Canada only)
  • Coriander (Western Canada only)
  • Dill (Western Canada only)
  • Fababeans (Western Canada only)
  • Field peas (Western Canada only)
  • Industrial Hemp
  • Lentils (Fall application only) (Western Canada only)
  • Mustard (Yellow only) (Western Canada only)
  • Safflower (Western Canada only)
  • Sunflowers (Western Canada only)
  • Soybeans
  • Dry common beans (white or kidney)
  • Canola