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Nexter SC Miticide/Insecticide

Nexter SC Miticide/Insecticide provides control of listed mites in apples, cherries (Sweet and tart), grapes, pears, strawberries and peach/nectarine orchards. Nexter SC also controls listed mites as a post-harvest application on raspberries and controls pear psylla in pears. The use of Nexter SC on peaches and nectarines is registered only in Ontario. Nexter SC works primarily through contact action, so good spray coverage is necessary. Nexter SC provides excellent knockdown and residual control.



  • Girdling, turning: 54 days
  • Tying, training, hand harvesting, leaf pulling by hand: 30 days
  • Mechanical harvesting (assuming no contact with treated foliage or crop): 25 days
  • All other activites: 24 hours

All other crops: 24 hours


Nexter SC Miticide/Insecticide should be applied when populations are building and before serious crop injury occurs. Consult provincial guidelines and local extension experts for treatment threshold and advice. Mites cause the most economic damage one week to one month following bloom. Nexter SC Miticide/Inseciticide provides excellent knockdown and residual control. A good performance evaluation cna be made 7 - 10 days after treatment.

Apples, Cherries (sweet and tart), Peaches/Nectarines (Ontario only), Strawberries and Grapes

Apply to grapes when immature motile stages are present for best control


Apply when pear psylla or mite numbers reach significant levels. Second application to pears for mites and pear psylla can be made 30 days after the first application


Apply to raspberries after harvest when mites appear

The use of Nexter SC Miticide/Insecticide is compatible with the goal of preservation of predatory mites. This product is easiest on predatory mites when applied late spring to early summer before the number of beneficial mites has peaked. Nexter SC Miticide/Insecticide is harmful to certain other beneficials. 


Based on water volume 3000 L/ha

European Red Mite, Apple Rust Mite, Pear Rust Mite: 500 ml/ha (225 g ai/ha)

Two-Spotted Spider Mite, McDaniel Spider Mite: 500 ml/ha* (225 g ai/ha) OR 1000 ml/ha** (450 g ai/ha)

Pear Psylla: 1000 ml/ha - 1200 ml/ha (450 g ai/ha - 540 g ai/ha)

*Good control will be achieved at or below the mtie action treshold

**For faster knockdown and control above mite action tresholds late season

NOTE: Nexter SC Miticide/Insecticide controls nymph and larva stage of Two-spotted spider and McDaniel mites and all motile stages of European red, Apple rust mite and Pera rust mite. This product is not an ovicide.