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Reason 500SC Fungicide

Reason 500 SC Fungicide is now a Gowan Canada product, joining a potato portfolio which includes Gavel DF Fungicide and Eptam Liquid EC Herbicide. Fenamidone, a group 11 fungicide, provides increased protection for both foliar diseases when added to your contact fungicide program. Also registered as a seed-piece treatment for protection against seed-borne late blight.



  • For control of fungal diseases in Carrot, Cucurbit Vegetables, Potatoes, Turnip Greens, Tomato, Ginseng, Succulent Beans, Basil, and Tobacco
  • For suppression of fungal diseases in Brassica Head and Stem Vegetables, Brassica Leafy Greens, Bulb Vegetables, Spinach (including baby spinach) and Succulent Beans
  • For control of seed-borne late blight in Potatoes
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