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Shieldex® Herbicide

Shieldex® 400SC Herbicide is the latest Group 27 herbicide available for grain, seed and sweet corn growers. Independent research has shown that the active ingredient tolpyralate provides the most consistent control of broadleaf and grass weeds.


Labelled Weeds:

Broadleaf Weeds:

Canada fleabane, waterhemp (common, tall), pigweed (redroot, and smooth), palmer amaranth, Powell amaranth (green pigweed), lamb's-quarters, ragweed (common and giant), wild mustard, common cocklebur, common purslane, shepherd's purse, Pennsylvania smartweed, velvetleaf


Barnyard grass, large crabgrass, foxtail (giant, green, and yellow)

Key Benefits:

  • Effective against key broadleaf weeds like Canada fleabane, waterhemp and others, as well as many annual grasses
  • Convenient low application rates between 75 and 100 ml/ha (30 - 40 ml/acre)
  • Good tank-mix compatibility - excellent fit with atrazine
  • Wide broadcast application window on corn up to V6
  • No restrictions when used with any currently registered insecticide